Spring! From A(sparagus) to Z(aatar) at R&V!

By: Erica Wides

It’s spring, the season of renewal! Everything is bursting into bloom, and we’re thinking green! While we love our cozy winter vegetables, we also like to work within the season’s offerings. So, this season we’ve added a couple of our favorite spring foods to the menu.  Some of them are spring classics, like asparagus. Asparagus is a true harbinger vegetable, a green beacon of hope that pokes up from the earth after a long winter of roots and pumpkins. Our new roasted and raw asparagus and cauliflower salad highlights asparagus in all its seasonal glory. The first asparagus made their debut in the markets mid-April, and we are embracing them wholeheartedly. They’re really like a tonic for the body, don’t you agree? 

Gazpacho Blanco

We’ve also brought back our luscious Gazpacho Blanco, made famous by Vogue magazine last July. It’s a cool, crisp way to drink in a Mediterranean spring; full of cucumbers, green grapes and almonds. And, we have a new beet salad too. Beets are at their most sweet and tender early in the summer, then they grow up to be great winter storage vegetables too!  So versatile, thanks, beets! Our new beet salad is served with a warm button of fresh goat cheese, dusted with zaatar.  Zaatar is a deeply fragrant herb and sesame seed mixture from Lebanon. Tania’s mom grows and makes her own zaatar right on their farm in the beautiful Lebanese countryside! It’s a mix of wild thyme, sumac, and sesame and it’s a perfect herbal match to the fresh, local Coach Farm’s goat cheese we’re using. 

From A to Z and everything in-between, spring has arrived at R&V! See you soon…